Scales of War

Our story so far...

Goblins sack the town of Brindol, kidnap several of its inhabitants, and relics of the Battle against the Red Hand of from the town’s Great Hall. The goblins take up residence in the dungeon of Castle Rivenroar, which the party explores. In their explorations they manage to track down all of the kidnapped townsfolk, although not all of them are alive when found. Eventually, the party tracks down the goblin’s leader, and slay him as well as the ghoulish overlords that reside in the dungeon. They round up the relics and deliver them safely, along with the townsfolk back to Brindol. In the goblin leader’s belongings, the party finds a mysterious note, signed by ‘The Emissary’

After a night of celebration, the party leaves Brindol in search of new adventure. Arriving at the town of Overlook, they discover they are just in time for a local celebration: a foot race. They party races across rooftops and bridges, through slummy streets and posh roads. The race culminates with a climb up a 60 foot tower, during which Balogar nearly kills himself by losing his grip and falling twice, allowing Haderai to win the race. During the celebrations that evening, the party hears of orc troubles in the nearby town of Overlook, which they set out for the next morning.

Upon arrival, the party explores the city, running into a surprising number of other adventuring companies in the process. After securing room and board at a local inn run by an excruciatingly nice elderly couple, the party is summoned to the Council of Elders, where they are given the task of traveling to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, in hopes of warning the monks there of the orc invasion. As they arrive, it is immediately apparent that the warning comes too late. The party ventures into the monastery to avenge the senseless deaths of the monks, and to check for survivors…


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